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for Entrepreneurial Go-Getters who Want to Make an Impact

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Hey there, change-maker!

Need some help getting your message out there? Want to increase visibility, raise awareness, or build a profitable business?

You might be looking for a website, a logo, event banners, or maybe you don't know what you need. No worries! I offer free consultations to discuss your goals and which solutions are the best fit - even if that means referring you to someone else.

Design Work

Rates & Services

You asked - I answered! After noticing that the majority of my clients ask for the same 5 things, I combined a few of the most popular services into branding packages. Feel free to request a package, check out my other services, or request a free consultation for assistance in planning your next project!

Branding Packages

Sample designs for Hands-On Branding Package

Hands-On Branding

Ideal for the brick-and-mortar business owner, looking to make face-to-face connections. This package includes:

  • Logo
  • Business Card Design
  • Promotional Print Design (flyer, brochure, etc)

$750 Value

You Save $125

Sample designs for Virtual Branding Package

Virtual Branding

Have a more digital strategy in mind? The virtual branding package has a more web-targeted approach. This package includes:

  • Logo
  • Website Design (3 pages)
  • 2 Social Media Sites

$1,680 Value

You Save $250

Sample designs for Total Branding Package

Total Branding

Ready to do it all and connect with your customers in person AND on the web? This package includes:

  • Logo
  • Business Card Design
  • Promotional Print Design
  • Website Design (5 pages)
  • 2 Social Media Sites

$2,250 Value

You Save $400

Other Design Services Include:

Advertisements • Billboards • Book Covers • Brochures • Business Cards • Flyers • Icons • Infographics • Logos • Postcards • Publications • Signs • Social Media Branding • Websites

Design Process

Want to know what's going on behind the scenes? The typical workflow looks a little something like this.

Step 1) You Contact Me!

Every project starts with you. We'll discuss what you're looking for, what purpose the project will serve for your business, and who your target audience is. Some things I might ask you:

  1. Who are you marketing to? (hint: the more specific the better!)
  2. Do you have any colors that you love or colors that you hate?
  3. Are there any similar designs that you like, and what do you like about them?
  4. How will you be using this project/what should it do for you?


Company Profile

  • Age: 7 years
  • Location: Newark, DE
  • Serving: All of the Internet
  • Specialties: Branding, web design

The Backstory

As you may have guessed, Jenn Wells Design is the baby and brainchild of Jenn Wells. It's been around since 2011, when I started it as a side gig while I was finishing up college and working a P/T. The evolution of the company could be said to look a little something like this: I want to be an entrepreneur -> I want to work with other entrepreneurs -> I want to work with other entrepreneurs who share my personal values.