Graphic, Print & Web Design

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Design Terminology

Some design terms you'll hear me use frequently.

General Terms

  1. Brand - Visual elements that make up your company’s identity.
  2. Placeholder Text - Gibberish used to demonstrate what text will look like after content has been written. Also called Lorem Ipsum.
  3. Outreach strategy/where to find your customers
  4. Raster - Images that are made up of pixels, or tiny squares of color
  5. Raster File Formats - .jpg, .png, .gif
  6. Resolution - The number of pixels per inch (ppi) or dots per inch (dpi). Print standard is 300dpi and web was 72, but that’s changing with higher resolution equipment.
  7. Vector - Images that use an equation to create the shape rather than pixels. Can scale to any size without resolution issues.
  8. Vector File Formats - Illustrator (.ai), pdf, eps

Print Specific

  1. Bleed - Color that extends beyond the edge of the page. It gets trimmed off and serves to prevent any white edges from imprecise cutting.
  2. Crop Marks - Show where the cutting line is
  3. Dimensions - Document sizing; be sure to specify width by height (ex. 8.5x11)
  4. Margins - Extra space around the edges of the document. Margin sizing differs depending on printer and the accuracy of their equipment.
  5. Safety - Boundary to keep text within to ensure that it won’t get cut off.

Web Specific

  1. Back End - The code.
  2. Interactive Elements - Anything that does more than just sit there to be looked at by your user. Ex. forms, image galleries, etc.
  3. Navigation - The links that help users navigate your site. Your primary navigation should be somewhere the user will think to look (along the top or left) and stay consistent with each page of the site.
  4. Web Design - The way your website looks.
  5. Web Development - Writing the code that makes up your website.